Short Synopsis of Numb


Numb is New Adult, sci-fi fantasy. It includes mental health and LGBT themes. Think Wizard’s First Rule meets Matched.

Short Synopsis

Billions of people live in the Country of the Control, but nineteen-year-old ARIETTA FIERO only cares about two: her parents. Yet not only does the Control prohibit all emotion, Arietta has never met her parents. With no memories, a mysterious pendant is her only link to them.

Now, she has a plan to find them. If she joins the law-enforcing Order, Arietta can search undercover. First, though, she has to pass the Final Test—without showing emotion. When the test goes awry, Arietta finds that there may be a way to escape. Should she sacrifice finding her parents?

Arietta’s death sentence answers the question for her, and she finds a world of adventure and magic beyond the Country—a world that brings her closer to her family than she could’ve imagined.

Want more? Contact me to become a beta reader.


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