Premise of NUMB, a New Adult Dystopian

Premise of NUMB, a New Adult Dystopian | Morgan Vega |
  is a new adult dystopian that includes mental health and LGBT themes. 


Billions of people live in the Country of the Control, but nineteen-year-old ARIETTA FIERO only cares about two: her parents. Yet not only does the Control prohibit all emotion, Arietta has never met them. With no memories, her mysterious pendant is the only link she has to them. But she has a plan to find them.

If she joins the law-enforcing Order, Arietta can search undercover. First, though, she has to pass the Final Test—without showing emotion. When the test goes awry, Arietta finds that there may be a way to escape. Should she sacrifice finding her parents?

Arietta’s death sentence answers the question for her, and she finds a world of adventure and magic beyond the Country—a world that brings her closer to her family than she could’ve imagined.

Want more? Contact me to become a beta reader.


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