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I love Kelvin, I love books, and I love this tag. 🖤🖤🖤

Thank you Karina at Bookish Babbles for creating and tagging me in this tag! 💕


🖤 Bella and Edward had an interesting meeting: “When the lion fell in love with the lamb” Share the story of how you met.

🖤 Rhysand taught Feyra how to read: what is something you learned from each other?

🖤 Cassian and Nesta have a love-hate relationship : what is something the other person does that you hate?

🖤 Hermione and Ron have a different skill set: What skills do you have that the other doesnt?

🖤 Alein said to Rowen: “I claim you to whatever end.” Name something that used to bother you about the other person and doesn’t anymore.

🖤 Clary and Jace’s relationship was originally taboo, what are some challenges you’ve faced as a couple?”

🖤 Mia and Tric: what is something you love about each other but never talk about?

🖤 Claire and Jamie Fraser. Their love defies time what are some of your favorite past memories?

🖤 Nesta and Cassian: Who wears the pants in the relationship?

🖤 Dorian and Celeana: have you or will you ever read a book together? if so which one?

Pop Quiz

  1. What is one my favorite books?
  2. Who is one of my favorite book characters?
  3. What is a book that got me into reading?
  4. How many books have I read this month?
  5. What is one book I’m very excited to read?

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