Pitching My Book to Agents: The Writer’s Digest Conference and Pitch Slam

Pitching My Book to Agents: The Writer's Digest Conference and Pitch Slam | Morgan Vega | morganvega.com

Last August I did something I’ve never done before: I got on a train and went to New York to pitch my novel SLEEPING AROUND to agents.

I attended the 2017 Writer’s Digest Conference and Pitch Slam.

The below are pictures of me and my amazing, talented, supportive (I could go on) writing friends after getting on and a bit after getting off the train to NY. In the photo on the right, we went to a fitting-for-the-occasion literary bar. (Also, I took all of these photos on Snapchat, so heads up, they’re not super aesthetic or anything.)


Though I went with the mission to pitch my book, I attended sessions at the conference all about bettering my writing and building my platform. I got to listen to accomplished writers who have published many, many books and learn from their setbacks and successes.


Anyway, back to the point of this post. Pitching my book to agents.

The writer friends I mentioned earlier were everything to me. We practiced together, they listened to revision after revision, and they kept me from breaking down with anxiety before meeting the agents.

(Check them and their work out over on Amazon: Tamara Shoemaker and Emily June Street!)

By the time they listened to my pitch a couple hundred times and gave me feedback, my pitch was shorter, cleaner, and punchier. (Follow my blog so you don’t miss my upcoming post of my pitch before and after!)

Here’s some pictures from the day I pitched to agents—minus the pictures of me hyperventilating.


The Pitch Slam, as it’s called, is broken up into sessions, and I registered for the first session. The session lasted one hour, and within that hour, I tried to make it to as many agents I could that were interested in books like mine.

I tried to be calm and be myself, despite inwardly worrying if I had lipstick on my teeth and obsessing over how nervous-sweaty I felt.

I ended up pitching to seven agents, and of the seven, four requested and one referred me to another agent at their literary agency.

I call that quite a successful day. *pats myself on the back*

Still, by the end of it, I had a killer headache and needed some ibuprofen and comfort food.


We also explored some of NY and visited Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House!


I can’t believe how many months has passed since the conference.

I can’t, for that matter, believe it’s 2018 and I still haven’t queried the agents who requested. It’s one of my resolutions, though! (Someone please tell me that waiting five months is okay and I should still submit my materials to them.)

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my experience or pitching to agents!


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    Here’s a lovely blog my friend Morgan Vega wrote about her experience at the 2017 Writer’s Digest Conference. I roomed with her and the brilliant Tamara Shoemaker, and we were pitch-slam practicing buddies!


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