My BookTube Channel Is Happening! | Morgan Vega |

It’s happening.

I’m doing a thing. I’m starting a BookTube channel. 🖤

I’ve literally wanted to do this for SO LONG. Plus, it’s another excuse to splurge on books. (Though I don’t really need one.)

BookTube is one of the highlights of my day. ☀️ BookTubers are my pretend friends. And I hope, by starting a channel, my videos can be the highlight of someone else’s day.

Really, though.

These videos make my day better. I watch (or rather, listen to) them on my way home from work. I watch them while I wash dishes. They relax me and put me in my happy place.

And some days, my happy place can be hard to find.

I want my channel to be a happy place. 😊

If you want to go ahead and subscribe to my channel Morgan Vega, you won’t miss my first video, which I plan to publish this upcoming Monday, March 12, 2018. A very important date in the history of my life, lol.

Here we go! 




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