Book Recommendations for Each Zodiac Sign βœ¨

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Books and astrology. Two of my favorite things. πŸ–€ Here are my book recommendations for each zodiac sign.

I’ve included the timestamps so you can skip to yours if you want. πŸ‘πŸ» I really, truly, deeply connect with my zodiac sign. ✨I hope you connect with yours too!

β™’ Aquarius – 2:09
β™“ Pisces – 4:19
β™ˆ Aries – 6:22
♉ Taurus – 8:38
β™Š Gemini – 10:33
β™‹ Cancer – 11:51
β™Œ Leo – 13:21
♍ Virgo – 14:38
β™Ž Libra – 16:27
♏ Scorpio – 18:08
♐ Sagittarius – 19:18
β™‘ Capricorn – 22:03

Let me know if you connect with yours, if you agree with your recommendation, and what you think my zodiac sign is in the comments!


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