A Fortune for Stars


Seventeen-year-old LUNA always knew she and her mom had The Sight. How else would her mom know Luna was gay when Luna hadn’t told a soul? How else would her mom know she was going to die from heart disease when Luna was thirteen? So Luna doesn’t mind working part-time as a fortune teller (or Seer, as she prefers) at the restaurant Food and Fortune to help out her chronically on-the road, truck-driving dad. She doesn’t mind, that is, until she Sees a death and a tragedy.

Seventeen-year-old STELLA protects herself with long sleeves and her theatre-star best friend Aiden. But they can only do so much against her privileged, Baptist family who reject her for who she is: an artist and bisexual. But Stella has plans to get out and go to art school after graduation. She has plans, that is, until she goes with Aiden to Food and Fortune, and Luna Sees her future.

When Luna tells Stella that she’s going to die and that Aiden’s life will turn shitty, Stella demands some answers: is Luna messing with them, and if she’s not, can she change their fates?

A FORTUNE FOR STARS is a young adult paranormal and a queer The Raven Boys.

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a queer The Raven Boys + fortune telling + astrology + winter + religion + mental health + family + sisters + friendship + romance + small town

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