Makeup Book Tag

MAKEUP BOOK TAG!  So here's the video where I learn I'm a shitty multitasker. Please enjoy me rambling about books while attempting to put makeup on my face. (I'm not sure which I do worse.)  But it's only because I love makeup and books.

BookTube Newbie Tag

Today is the day!!! My FIRST BookTube video is now published! Obviously, I'm still figuring all this out, but I'm excited about being a part of the BookTube community and to talk about books. Let's do this!

LOVE + BOOKS 🖤 Literary Lovers Tag

I love Kelvin, I love books, and I love this tag. 🖤🖤🖤 Thank you Karina at Bookish Babbles for creating and tagging me in this tag! 💕 Questions 🖤 Bella and Edward had an interesting meeting: “When the lion fell in love with the lamb” Share the story of how you met. 🖤 Rhysand taught Feyra… Continue reading LOVE + BOOKS 🖤 Literary Lovers Tag