MY YEAR IN BOOKS 🖤 best and worst books of 2018

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this post yet, but I want to recap my 2018 year in books.

I can’t thank you enough, reader friends, for supporting me here on this bookish blog and on my BookTube channel. 2018 was my best bookish year yet, thanks to all of you. 🖤

Here’s my bookish year in review, along with the best and worst books I read in 2018.

I have a feeling 2019 is going to be even better. ✨

How was your 2018 reading year? What was some your best and worst books? Let me know in the comments!

Books I’m Reading This Fall 🎃🕸️


I’ve got the spooky, the creepy, the ghostly all on my TBR for the fall. 🍂

Let me know in the comments what you’re reading this season! 🖤

BookTube Newbie Tag 2.0 ✨


It’s the BookTube Newbie Tag 2.0! ✨

I’ve been on BookTube now for about 4 months, and making bookish videos honestly brings me so much joy.

Books, new reader friends, what more could I ask for. 🖤


  1. What genres would you like to see talked about more on BookTube?
  2. What do you feel is the best way to make friends on BookTube?
  3. What will/ do you enjoy the most about making BookTube videos?
  4. What do you least look forward to when making BookTube videos?
  5. What videos other than tags, TBR’s, wrap-ups, reviews and recommendations would you want to see more of?
  6. What are some themes you want to see more of or less of in books?
  7. What advice would you give to a BookTuber that has just created their channel?
  8. What are some qualities or traits that you look for when it comes to watching other BookTubers?
  9. What’s a hobby besides reading and writing that people on BookTube might not know you have?


Spring Wrap Up & Summer TBR

morganvega blog post headers (2).png

Maybe this is me being extra, but setting realistic reading goals with my summer TBR feels like an act of self-care. 📖☀️

Here’s to a manageable TBR! 🖤

Winter Wrap Up & Spring TBR


Wow, I’m starting to feel like a real BookTuber now that I’ve done my first wrap up and TBR. 👍🏽

Here are all the books I read in the winter and all the books I want to read this spring. 🌺


Winter Wrap Up

So this covers the books I read in January, February, and March. ⛄️❄️


 Check out my ratings for each book on Goodreads!

Spring TBR

These are the books I want to read in April and May. 🌼🌷🌻

Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments what you thought of them—and which book I should read first for spring (because it’s May now and I haven’t even started on this list because I’ve been preoccupied with the Percy Jackson series).

Mental Health Book Tag

morganvega blog post headers

I created my first-ever, original book tag—the Mental Health Book Tag—because, after researching Mental Illness in Young Adult Books, I was interested in how BookTubers were using these book tag videos to talk about mental health.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the tags I found. For instance, the Asylum Book Tag, which includes the following questions:

  1. A book couple that drove you nuts?
  2. You’re going off the rails fast: name a book series that will pull you out of the dark place?
  3. Name a book that messed with your head and left you shaking?
  4. You are going into solitary confinement for one year and you can only bring one book series. What would it be?
  5. BREAK OUT! Name one character that would help you escape the asylum?
  6. You are stuck in an asylum: name one character you would chose as a cellmate?
  7. Name a character that you would be terrified to be locked up with?

Especially after reading Molly McCully Brown’s The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded: Poems, which I gave a 3 star rating on Goodreads and discussed in my Winter Wrap Up & Spring TBR, I found this tag to trivialize mental health and downplay the trauma that people went through in these institutions.

Because of this book tag and others that I found problematic regarding mental illness, I wanted to create a positive book tag surrounding—not only mental illness—but mental health in general, so I came up with the Mental Health Book Tag:

  1. What’s a book or series that features a strong support system?
  2. What’s a book, series, or genre that you turn to when you need to take care of yourself? What’s something that you do—other than reading—to take care of your mental health?
  3. What’s a book that features a character that is relatable to your mental health or illness?
  4. What’s a book that depicts a bad representation of a mental difference or mental illness?
  5. What’s a book that depicts a good representation of a mental difference or mental illness?
  6. What’s your favorite book that features mental difference or mental illness?
  7. What’s your least book that features mental difference or mental illness?
  8. What’s a book that takes you to your happy place? When you are dealing with mental health struggles, what is your happy place?
  9. What’s your favorite quote from a book that features mental difference or mental illness? What’s something you want other people to know about mental difference or mental illness?

Tag, you’re it! I hope you complete this Mental Health Book Tag to help continue a public conversation about mental illness—or answer the questions in the comments below!