What’s Your Sign? Book Review

What's Your Sign? Book Review | morganvega.com

You don’t have to be famous to dance with the stars—you just need a healthy dose of cosmic curiosity. Explore astrology and dive deep into your birth chart with Sanctuary, featuring insights from the interactive app that go way beyond your horoscope.

MY FIRST BULLET JOURNAL 🖤 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

New year, new bullet journal, same me. 2019 is my year for predicting my own future. I have so many goals I want to accomplish this year—like reading 70 books, publishing SLEEPING AROUND, graduating from grad school—and this bullet journal (and hopefully you!) will journey with me through this year. Happy New Year, reader friends!… Continue reading MY FIRST BULLET JOURNAL 🖤 2019 Bullet Journal Setup


Book Recommendations for Each Zodiac Sign ✨

Books and astrology. Two of my favorite things. 🖤 Here are my book recommendations for each zodiac sign. I've included the timestamps so you can skip to yours if you want. 👍🏻 I really, truly, deeply connect with my zodiac sign. ✨I hope you connect with yours too! ♒ Aquarius - 2:09 ♓ Pisces -… Continue reading Book Recommendations for Each Zodiac Sign ✨